457 Visa Abolition Seminar. Reflects high interest - Hanho Daily

H&H Lawyers with the help of Hanho Korean Daily and iTAB held a seminar for the Korean community on 1 May 2017, in light of the sudden abolition of the 457-visa announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull early last month. More than 180 Korean Australians attended the seminar and shown a great interest in learning about the new change to their visa options.  


Held at Hanho Daily’s Eastwood office, Kyung Il Hong and Young Jun Kim of H&H Lawyers led the seminar for the attendees that consisted mostly of employers, employees who had or were planning to apply for the 457 visa, international students, working holiday and business visa holders.    


Mr Hong and Mr Kim began the seminar with a brief explanation of the background to this abolition before moving to the changes made to the occupation list. In order to assist the participants in understanding and appreciating the situation properly, the seminar continued with a structured plan, addressing several important issues such as key takeaways from this change, effective date of the abolition, different effects this change may cause in different circumstances, conditions of the replacement visa (TSS) and case studies.  


As the hosts had initially expected around 100 attendance across Sydney, the number of attendees at the seminar illustrated just how much the Korean community paid attention.


After a 40-minute seminar, Min Sun Song another lawyer from H&H Lawyers joined and held a Q&A session, responding to individual questions that each attendee had.  


The Australian Government is expected to announce the next TSS and quota for 2017-18 financial year.  


The seminar will be uploaded to YouTube for those who were not able to attend the seminar themselves.  

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