Bella Cho

Bella Cho

Foreign Lawyer

Bella is a foreign attorney admitted to practice as a lawyer and patent attorney in the Republic of Korea. She passed the National Judicial Examination of South Korea in 2009 and successfully completed her training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea in 2012. In Korea, Bella has the professional capacity to take on roles equivalent to that of a solicitor and a barrister. Bella spent most of her over 10 years’ experience working as in-house counsel for various Korean companies including telecommunications and life insurance companies, advising their executives on a wide range of legal issues. She specialised in labor disputes and regulatory compliance issues, particularly the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act. Furthermore, she has expertise in corporate finance matters such as bond issuances and corporate governance issues. Given her substantial experience in managing legal and regulatory affairs and advising senior executives in Korea, Bella can deliver impactful and effective advice for corporations across all Korean legal issues generally affecting them and their management board. Her advice is particularly effective in managing regulatory issues concerning the Financial Supervisory Service and the Fair Trade Commission of Korea. While working at a life insurance company, Bella had the responsibility of overseeing various investment projects in infrastructure, energy and natural resources, both onshore and offshore, which allows her to bring indispensable risk management perspectives into investment projects. Since joining H & H Lawyers, Bella has been assisting both Korean and Australian companies on cross-border issues.



  • Lawyer, Republic of Korea

  • Patent Attorney, Republic of Korea