Korean woman charged with drug smuggling released

A South Korean female university student on a working holiday visa who was arrested on charges of drug smuggling was released.


South Korean national “K” (24) was arrested in January 2018 on charges of attempting to receive a box of drug ingredients called narcotics.


The university student on a working holiday visa has claimed she was asked by her acquaintance to receive and store the parcel, and she didn’t know about the substance. However, the South Korean university student has been in custody for 212 days.


The South Korean Embassy in Australia which has offered a consul service to K announced that the female student was released as the prosecutors dropped the indictment.


South Korean Ambassador to Australia Lee Baeksoon told SBS Korean program K is physically and mentally healthy at the moment.


“As we had arranged international phone calls between K and families in Korea since her third month in custody, she is in a stable condition.”


Ms Won’s working holiday visa was already cancelled as a result of the involvement of the alleged crime. She was sent to an immigration detention centre right after the release. However, it is expected that she’ll be sent to Korea shortly.


“Agreeing to receive a parcel for others is a dangerous activity that can lead you to a serious crime. It is important to be cautious and not to take other’s belongings such as parcels and luggage,” Ambassador Lee said.