Do you need an interpreter when calling the police?

Any resident in Australia has the right to request an interpreter.

“If you are a victim of crime, know about a criminal, or know about a crime, there are a number of ways you can use the interpreter service to report it to the NSW Police, who can arrange a language interpreter or AUSLAN, If you speak a little English but are more comfortable with your first language, the police can arrange a free professional interpreter free of charge. Independent professional interpreters work under confidentiality provisions and interpreter code of ethics. You can rest assured that any information provided to the interpreter remains confidential. Police can use bilingual staff or telephone interpreter services or arrange interpreters to attend the interview. It is important that you tell the police the language in which you can communicate most confidently so that the police can arrange the appropriate interpreter. If you use a rare language, dialect, or additional language, please notify the police. You may also find alternative interpreters. You can also tell the police about special preferences, such as using a female interpreter. It may not always be possible, but the police will try to help you. “