胡 虎

胡 虎


Steven于1997年赴澳学习,毕业于昆士兰大学(科学学位)和悉尼大学(法律学位)双学士学位。 他于2004年起师从D.F Rofe QC(英女皇御用大律师),在12th Floor Wentworth Chambers开始了他的法律生涯,协助大律师在全国法域范围内参与庭审,包括州高级法院,上诉法院,最高院等。毕业后的间隔年,胡虎律师参与了北领地高院海事法案例法的辩护,并于2007年获得新南威尔士州律师资格。 Steven先后在两个综合型事务所工作,随后于2010年加入Inmark集团,任董事及法律顾问,参与开发了悉尼市中心大型商业综合体“Inmark Tower”,此项目荣获多个澳洲全国性建筑大奖。他于2013年初回国工作,并先后在两个中央企业中担任高级管理岗位。过往的经历使他对国际企业文化和跨境交易的商业实际操作有着更深入的了解。当在为具亚洲背景的企业客户提供法律意见时,Steven的跨行业跨区域的从业经验无疑将具有不可取代的价值。 Steven 可以讲流利的英文和普通话。



  • 律师资格 (新南威尔士州最高法院)

  • 律师资格 (澳大利亚最高法院)


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临时工 vs 正式工

2020年5月20日,澳大利亚联邦法院全席法庭对WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato一案作出判决。 此案聚焦并围绕劳务派遣公司WorkPac Pty Ltd(以下简称 “WorkPac”)和Robert Rossato (以下简称“Rossato”)之间的雇佣关系进行展开。该公司派遣Rossato先生到Glencore公司名下两处位于昆士兰州的矿山工作。Rossato先生作为临时员工 (casual employee)工作的三年半期间,签订的是滚动合同(rolling contract)。作为一名临时员工,他在工资的基础上还获得了25%的额外报酬 - 这是为了弥补临时员工未能享有类似年假等福利的通常做法。 澳大利亚联邦法院全席法庭驳回 WorkPac 认为Rossato先生是临时员工的主张,判定他属于正式员工(permanent employee)。联邦法院基于以下理据,做出上述判决:Rossato先生的工作性质是 “定期(regular)、稳定(certain)、连续(continuing)、持续性(constant)” ,而且有事先被告知工作日程。 Rossato先生有资格享受根据《2009年公平工作法》(Fair Work Act 2009 Cth)和企业协议(Enterprise Agreement)中全国就业标准(National Employment Standards - NES)所规定正式员工应享有的福利,其中包括带薪年假,个人病假/照顾者假,丧病假及法定公共假日等。 这一判决对于雇佣临时员工的雇主,无论是通过直接雇用、外包劳务、转包等不同的雇佣途径,都是不能忽视的重要判决。对于该判决,联邦政府可能会采取干预措施或向最高法院提出上诉,但是在判决发生改变之前,雇主现在应该仔细审查与临时员工之间的雇佣安排,更新与临时员工的合同条款。雇主应重新考量与劳务派遣公司以及派遣员工之间的关系,特别需要注意以下三点: 雇主应该进行阶段性审查与临时员工的雇佣安排,并考虑与临时雇佣相比,兼职或固定期限等其他形式的雇佣关系是否更加合适。 如果临时雇佣关系仍然适用,雇主应该注意合同中是否单独列明临时员工会获得额外报酬,由于临时员工不享受全国就业标准(NES)以及正式员工的应享福利。我们建议雇主与临时员工签署一份声明,表明如果之后被认定为正式雇佣关系,雇主有权要求员工退还之前所获得的额外报酬。 我们建议雇主至少每年定期审查临时雇佣合同。以评估该合同下的雇佣关系是否会被认定为工作日程稳定并且持续的雇佣关系。 如果您认为WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato的判决结果,会对您公司现有员工的工作安排有所影响,或者在处理与员工之间的雇佣关系上需要专业的法律意见,请与我们联络。

24 Jun 2020


Bringing the worlds of business together – H & H Lawyers

Thursday, 13 June 2019 – Rise of the boutique law firm Doing business with international partners – whether it be an entity operating on Australian soil or a local brand venturing offshore – can be fraught with difficulty. Between establishing a fresh customer base, navigating new laws, regulations and corporate governance, creating effective relationships and becoming nuanced with cultural mores (perhaps the trickiest of all), the business of doing business has the potential to bring an enterprise undone. For instance, exchanging a business card using one hand rather than two can be seen as a sign of disrespect in some cultures. Who would necessarily know? With Australians increasingly undertaking business across the world and with Asian powerhouses such as Japan, Korea and China, navigating the behind-the-scenes landscape, as well as providing direct services and advice, has become all important. Business owners and operators need to focus on what they do best, so employing people who specialise in troubleshooting make-or-break sensitive legal, technical and cultural matters is a vital and strategic move. Sydney’s H & H Lawyers offers this official and unofficial role in its capacity as a firm on the path to being Australia’s biggest ‘‘Asian’’ law firm. H & H Lawyers’ services include commercial and corporate advisory, acquisitions, dispute resolution, employment law, corporate migration and intellectual property. “Our bilingual lawyers have been inundated with work representing multinational corporations and government agencies from Japan, Korea and China that want to expand their businesses into Australia,” says Principal Ken Hong. “We have also been very busy acting for local clients with Japanese, Korean or Chinese backgrounds, or that have transactions with their counterparts in those three countries. “Demand for our services has escalated, so we are rapidly expanding to meet the demand.’’ Fellow Principal Yukio Hayashi says a vital aspect of the firm’s work includes “bridging fundamental cultural differences”. “This cross-cultural dexterity is not necessarily part of our brief, but it’s what we offer as well, as it is so essential,’’ he says. “Our team not only speaks the languages, but also intimately understands the cultural nuances of Asia. This saves our clients so much time in getting straight to the actual issues and resolutions. Without the right knowledge of culture, a lot of key messages can be lost in translation, particularly legal concepts, leading to a frustrating experience for all. “We had one situation recently in which there was an investment in an Australian business by a Japanese company. There were excellent managers and staff in situ, but the incoming management from Japan had their way of doing things that did not rest well with the Australian team, and vice versa.” “This friction was no one’s fault, but we made it our job to navigate the cultural minefield. We were able to get each side to see things from the other’s perspective and that made all the difference.” Hong and Hayashi say that by going this extra mile, the law firm can resolve difficulties and help international-facing businesses to thrive. “The importance of Australia’s trade relationships with Korea, China and Japan need no further explanation,’’ says Hong. “They are our top three trading partners. We look forward to continuing with our work and contributing to Australia’s successful trade relationships with those three countries.” Says Hayashi: “Our firm is well placed and equipped to help clients have a more fruitful, efficient and enjoyable experience in doing business.’’

13 Jun 2019


H & H Lawyers welcomes Steven Hu an Tracy Huo

H & H Lawyers welcomes Steven Hu. Steven began his career as an associate to D.F Rofe QC at 12th Floor Wentworth Chambers in 2004 and was admitted to practice as a solicitor in 2007. He continued his career as a solicitor in a national firm prior joining Inmark Group, a property development and asset management company, where he worked as an associate director and legal counsel successfully managing a large scale, multi-award winning mix-use development in the Sydney CBD. Steven took on a senior executive position for a Chinese SOE in 2013, where he was responsible for overseeing and managing the day to day business for the entity in Shandong Province. Steven returned to Australia in 2017 to continue his legal profession with better and more in-depth understanding of the corporate culture and practical commercial experience in conducting cross border transactions. Steven’s multi-disciplinary experience will no doubt add value to his advice to Asian corporate clients operating in Australia. H & H Lawyers welcomes Tracy Huo. Tracy acquired Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degrees in 2013 from the University of Sydney. Prior to joining H & H Lawyers, she worked in several law firms specializing in property law and she also worked for a fund management company in Sydney as a compliance officer. Her professional experiences in various fields will be a valuable addition to the firm.

30 Aug 2018