Amended laws and changes as of July 1, 2018 ③ Daily Life

As of 1 July, this year, various changes are expected to occur in the laws of Australia. The changes that individuals will face in Australia at work and at home are outlined below.


1. Passport Image

From 1 July, when taking passport photos, glasses must be removed. Glasses may interfere with facial recognition however if glasses are to be worn for medical purposes, then it may be permitted.


2. Carry-on Luggage

The number of products that is permitted in a carry-on baggage for International Flights departing from the Australian International Terminal, which contain powder, is restricted. At security checkpoints, products that contain powder must be presented separately for inspection however unlike liquid products, there is no need to put them in a zip-lock bag. Restrictions for products containing powder are as follows:

  • There are no restrictions placed on organic powder such as food and baby formula.
  • Restrictions are place on inorganic powder products such as salt, talcum powder (such as makeup products which contain talc) an sand
  • Each person can carry no more than 350ml or 350g of inorganic powder which must be kept in ‘containers’
  • The restriction on the size of the inorganic powder is not based on the product in itself but rather the ‘size of the container’
  • There are no restrictions on the number of containers but rather must meet the volume outlined above. 


3. Power Prices

AGL announced that it would cut the electricity prices in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. As of 1 July, AGL prices in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia will change. However, the price of gas in Queensland will remain unchanged.


Origin has lowered prices in South East Queensland and South Australia however prices in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is expected to remain unchanged. Natural gas prices will be lowered in New South Wales.


4. Food Labelling

 From 1 July 2018, any food grown, manufactured, produced, distributed, imported or sold in supermarkets and retail stores in Australia are to be labelled according to the country of origin.


5. Plastic Bags

From 1 July, Queensland and Western Australia have banned the use of disposable plastic bags whereas South Australia, Tasmania and ACT have not been utilising plastic bags. On 20 June, Woolworths have stopped providing plastic bags and Coles is set on phasing out the use of disposable plastic bags in Victoria an New South Wales.


6. Transport Costs

Certain road toll prices will increase across the country. Transurban whom operate toll roads in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, have raised the toll prices by up to 9 cents since 1 July. From July, opal card rates in New South Wales are set to rise by 2.2% however rates for the elderly will remain unchanged.


7. Parking Fines

The New South Wales state government have reduced 10 kinds of parking fines by 25%. There are plans to further reduce parking fines in government regulated parking spaces in areas such as Barangaroo, The Botanic Gardens, Centennial Park, Wentworth and Parramatta Park by $30.