H & H Lawyers

H & H Lawyers is one of Australia's leading boutique law firms, bringing together experts with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and experiences. Since our founding in 1996, we have prided ourselves in providing accurate, timely and innovative legal services to our clients.

Our clients include multinational corporations and government bodies from Japan, Korea and China that want to invest and expand their businesses into Australia, as well as high profile businesses and individuals based in Australia. We are committed to continue growing our firm and contributing to Australia's successful trade relationships with countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Client Value

Our ability to service clients in their language and understand their specific cultural needs has proven to be a key quality in providing assistance to foreign clients. Even before setting foot in Australia, and while commercial opportunities are still in the early drawing stages, our clients can rely on us to help them navigate international differences.

Our clients benefit from our regional networks and deep familiarity of jurisdictions across Asia. We understand how business is done locally in their home countries as well as in Australia. In this regard, we are more than just a law firm with translation capabilities. Our professional services go beyond offering legal advice and extend to facilitating connections between our clients and Australian business partners and opportunities.